18 Mouse Tricks For Windows 10 & Windows 11

This article reveals some simple and efficient mouse clicks tricks and combinations with the keyboard that will help you work faster and accomplish tasks quicker. These tricks will give you an edge over many other Windows PC users unaware of them. You may even earn a promotion by knowing and applying these tricks.

1. Search a word on the page by Hold down [Alt] and left-click

It will display Encarta dictionary search results on the right pane. This hack is only applicable to Microsoft word.


2. Double click on a word to select it

This trick works on all text documents, including PDF files.

3. Triple-click to select the whole paragraph

Works on Word documents and web pages. It works differently on PDF documents.

4. Quadruple-click to select all the text on that page

Click four times on a text to select all the text on that page. This trick works only on text documents in PDF readers.

5. Select multiple text pieces using the [Ctrl] key

You can select multiple pieces of letters, words, sentences and paragraphs on a page using the [Ctrl] and left-click button. To do this, select the first piece of text, like a word or sentence, then holding down [Ctrl], select the next text. You can select as many text pieces as you want. To deselect any text, continue holding down the [Ctrl} and click the text. Applies to MS Word.


6. Move texts with [Ctrl]

Select the text you want to move, hold down [Ctrl] and right-click where you want to move the text. This trick will cut the selected text and paste it at the position you right-clicked, similar to cut and paste. Works on Word document.

7. Zoom-in and zoom-out using Scroll Button + [Ctrl]

Hold down [Ctrl], using the scroll button, scroll up to zoom in and scroll down to zoom out.

8. Scroll faster with Auto-Scroll.

Press the scroll button once to activate auto-scroll. You can then scroll up and down the page by slightly pushing your mouse up or down. You can also control the scrolling speed by moving slow or fast. Auto-scroll works on web pages and many other documents. To use this mouse trick on PDF documents, you may need to hold down the scroll button while you move the mouse up or down.


9. Select texts faster by using Shift + Left-Click

To apply this mouse trick, place the cursor at the beginning of the text you want to select, hold down [Shift] and left-click the end of the text you want to select.

10. Open links in new tabs using the scroll button.

You can use the scroll button to open links in new tabs by clicking the link once. This trick works on web pages and other page links.

11. Move, copy, link and hyperlink text by Select and Right-click.

To do this, first select the text, using the right-click mouse button, drag the selected text to the desired position and release the mouse. You can now select from the list of options what you want.

Move-copy-link-hyperlink text

12. Select the whole sentence in a text using [Ctrl] + Left-click.

First, place the cursor on any text on the sentence, press and hold [Ctrl] and left-click again. Applicable only in MS word.

13. Open a link in a new tab in web browsers by holding down [Ctrl] and left-clicking.

Another way you can open a link in a browser is by holding down [Ctrl] and left-clicking. Applicable in web browsers.

14. Are you trying to stop your computer from going to sleep?

A mouse jiggler can help you do that. What this video. (video)

15. Change double-click to single-click.

You may want to set your mouse so you can click on Windows items once instead of double-clicks. This trick will reduce strain on your finger muscles and increase your work speed. I use it most of the time. To enable a single click option, open File Explorer > File > Options to open the Folder Options pane. Under Click items as follows, select Single-click to open an item (point to select). Another method is to open Folder Options by typing folder on the Taskbar search box. Open File Explorer Options and select Single-click to open an item under Click items as follows.


16. Change your Mouse Pointer

You can change your mouse pointer to appeal to your style. To do that, go to the Windows Start menu > Settings > Easy of Access, and select Mouse Pointer from the left pane. 

17. Change Hand Orientation

You can change the mouse settings to suit your dominant hand and fingers. This change affects the left-click and right-click. You can swap the buttons. To change your mouse hand orientation for Windows operating system go to Start menu > Settings > Devices > Mouse. Select Left or Right in the Select your primary button box. (image)


To learn about different types of mice for the office and how to choose the best office mouse, read this article.

18. Type with your Mouse.

There’s only one way to type with your mouse; the On-Screen Keyboard. This mouse trick is usually necessary when your keyboard develops problems. Maybe it is not responding at all, or some of the keys are not working. The On-Screen Keyboard can save you the day in this situation.

To use the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10, type on-screen keyboard on the taskbar search. Or, go to Start menu > Settings > Ease of Access > Scroll down on the left pane and select Keyboard > Select On under Use the On-Screen Keyboard. The keyboard shortcut to select the On-Screen Keyboard is [Ctrl] + Windows logo + O.

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