fundamental elements in achieving your goal

5 Fundamental Elements to Achieving Your Goal

In the course of my 40 years on earth and through my career journey, I have ventured into different paths and projects. I have built a successful business, and I have failed in business. I have taking up educational pursuit that I completed and there are also educational courses that I failed at and I dropped. Within my 4 years in marriage, I would say that it has been successful so far. I have embarked on many personal ambitions; some I succeeded and some I failed.

We set goals to realize our dreams and we press hard to accomplish them. It is said that the best knowledge is the one you learned from your own experience and the second best knowledge is those lessons from experience shared by another. A quote by Wallace D wattles “success is the result of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of tiny efforts, sacrifices, and disciplines accumulated to make you an extraordinary person”.


According to oxford dictionary, a goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. The destination of a journey.

Whether it be a big ambition or a small one, to achieve any desired goal one must require and exercise these 5 fundamental elements. As a matter of fact, if you had successfully accomplished any task or project, these elements have played some roles.

What are these fundamental elements to achieving your goal?


Man is driven mostly by, first, the need to secure sufficient resources to enable him live the life he wants; second, to satisfy his curiosity and desires.Many a times we tend to jump into a bandwagon of endeavor not because we are truly prepared and have a clear plan about this journey but only because the opportunity presents itself and it is something we have wanted to do.

I remembered many years ago when I wanted to start offering a new service to clients on Access Control installation. Because I have learnt in my early years as IT Support assistant that not testing your skills thoroughly about a particular solution could cause embarrassment not just to me as the technician but for my company and clients too. So, many years later before I decided to launch this new service offer on access control system installation I went through rigorous training on the solution. I chose the solution that I wanted to offer, chose the manufacturers that I had preferred to support and I then developed cases on proof of concepts. And finally I picked the kind of clients that I wanted to serve. The launch went well and every project that I have done regarding access control has been successful.

A clearly defined object of why you want to achieve this goal, what resources are you going to need, how you plan to accomplish it, is the first step you need to take for you to land successfully to your desired destination.  This clear objective and plan will boost your confidence and propels your inner drive to get going. It will keep you in charge and help you become highly purposeful. Document you plan on paper or your computer or smartphone notes.


Action is the engine behind every accomplishment. Great many machineries, relationships, constructions and finished marathons would not have been accomplished if action has not been taken. ‘Work’ falls under the action category. Because you believe in the purpose of the ambition you seek means you have the ability to accomplish it. YOU have to do the work that is needed to get you your dream. Where you are found wanting in skill, you have the ability to gather from other sources the resources that would drive to attain you success.

An Irish proverb says “You’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind.” Action gives you the opportunity to reveal your ingenuity. It provides you the avenue to lay your own blocks on earth. Because every goal successfully achieved unlocks a new path, this is how we advance in life and become highly accomplished.

How much work you put into achieving your goal influences your result. Start implementing your plan. Be strategic and follow your plan one after another.


Sometimes life can appear to play you a trick. A times when you’re en route to attaining your goal, some distractions would appear on your way. Distractions may appear in form of seemingly better goal option, friends inviting you out to continuously spend more time away from your goal, procrastination and laziness.

Look, it’s all a trick! Life is only testing you to see how much you desire to make progress. Shun it by fixing your eyes on the target. You’ve got this! You’re convinced about it, and here you are on your way to accomplishing it. The ability to choose a goal and work towards it without getting distracted is a trademark among highly successful people.

There’s a limited time in life. So, whatever that would advance your progress, focus your mind to it and commit to seeing to its accomplishment. Stay disciplined.


On your journey to accomplishing your goal, there are challenges and obstacles that you may have to overcome. At the beginning it may be easy; resources would be available, contacts would cooperate, and you would feel all good. But somewhere somehow it begins to seem as if everything got stuck.  Setbacks set in, and success seem far away. Do not relent or be discouraged. Samuel Johnson said “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” These obstacles are part of the process involved in attaining meaningful goals. Don’t be afraid of them. Be persistent and enjoy every bit of the journey.


Finally, just like Bill Gates said “patience is a key element of success.”

It would be a disheartening failure after you have put in your energy and resources but you become impatient in waiting to harvest your gains. The length of journey to achieving our goals are mostly unpredictable. We are usually convinced of our determination to achieve our goals but the actual distance and length of time to be taken to accomplish it we are usually not certain. This is where you embrace patience.

When you have given all you can to arrive to your destination, it is then time to relax and patiently wait as your efforts bring you good tidings.

Keep excelling!

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