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Choosing a Blog Page Name for Your Business Website?

Recently, I thought of what to call the Blog page on my business website. I wanted to use a name different from the usual ‘Blog’ everybody calls it. Something that relates more to the kind of information I want to share on my business website. A name that would set readers’ minds towards the kind of information they should expect to receive.

In this article, I made suggestions of names you can use in place of ‘Blog’ on your business website. I also shared some tips to help you.


CREATIVE and Alternative words for your Business Website blog page

Now you have a fantastic website for your business and you want to include a blog in it. If you are like me and you’re not afraid to be different, then do exactly what would give you the result you want.

Finding a suitable name for your business blog page would help you stay focused on your writings. It would also help you improve your SEO ranking.

“If you want to blend into the crowd like everybody else, use the word blog. If you want to stand apart and take the world by storm, then think outside the box, find your niche and start rocking it for exactly what it is. Besides, this will also give you a chance to improve your SEO and use something more targeted.”

Scott Richey

Here is a list of names that I researched before going with “Insider Resources”:




Customer resources

Updates and info

Info Blog



News Bulletin


Customer Corner



Seasonal Updates

Seasonal info

Latest Adventures


Insider News

Industry Updates





The Latest

Chit Chat


Resource Hub


Get inspired



TIPS on Choosing a Blog Page Name for Your Business Website

Remember it is a business website; keep things as formal as possible and maintain your brand style.
Use a term that best suits the purpose of what you aim to achieve.
Niche your writing and call your blog page exactly what you are writing about. If you would be putting out information every week call it “weekly news” or “weekly events”.

Depending on the kind of business you have, many different names are okay for you to use for your business website’s blog page instead of Blog.

Finally, note that the value a blog gives to its users far outweighs the name it answers. The value of a blog is in its content, not in its name. Choose what makes you feel better. You can always change it when you find it’s no longer the best; many of your readers may not even notice.

Still, need more? Here, in another article, Kate Merryweather shares different opinions of other people from different niches who have found themselves asking same questions of what to call a business blog page and more suggestions.

Do share your own suggestions and thoughts in the comments. 🙂

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