Chromebook, Why You Should Consider Getting One

From the very time I put it on, how fast it booted, to the simplicity of its desktop environment, I knew there’s something special about a Chromebook. The desktop looks fanciful – a Chrome browser displaying a search bar and provides Google apps such as Google Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, YouTube, Google Drive, Word, and few others.

The operating system (OS) looks more like Windows that has been simplified for a maximum web experience. It has a task bar at the bottom and a status bar at the bottom right almost similar to Windows’, but yet it appears easy and uncluttered.

The laptop or Chromebook itself is light weight and it provides a longer battery life than my windows laptop. When I checked the Chromebook web store, it offers many android apps that I can use to accomplish any task that I want.

I have owned and used Windows laptop for over a decade and I think windows is loaded with lots of tools and resources not just to manage the PC and peripherals but also tools to help a user get tasks done. Windows to me is quite studded and heavy. These lots of resources and programs make windows to take a long time to update and appear heavy.

Most of what I do on computer lately include: prepare a proposal using word document, enter fields or raise quotations using spreadsheets, edit images, use web browser to login into hardware applications and configure devices, Send and receive emails, develop website using a browser, talk on Skype, browse the internet, watch videos and play music.

As a matter of fact I do almost all of those things on my 6.3 inch android phone. Except that it takes me a lot more time to get stuffs done due to the small size of the phone and the touch pad. A laptop provides a larger screen size, bigger and better keyboard and track pad or I can even use a mouse, and its desktop application environment offers better app options and maneuvering. Chromebook with Chrome OS has been exceptional for what I do on computer.

I thought Windows 10 was fast but Chrome OS boots and shuts down faster, and it’s more responsive when you open a new application.

My 4 year old Windows 10 Acer laptop is Core i5, 8GB RAM with 500GB hard disk drive, and I think it’s actually built to run some heavy applications and do some high-end maneuvering. My windows laptop costs more, weighs more and drains battery faster. I’m still not giving it up yet, though.

For 2 months that I’ve used a Chromebook I have not seen need to use windows PC except to copy files that I left in it. Maybe it’s because of how my work is – which I’ve stated earlier. Chrome OS provides me with a tool to help me transition to what I want, which is simplicity. Everything about it feels simple, light, snappy and easy. It provides me with tools to adequately accomplish my tasks in a fast and efficient manner.

What is Chrome OS and Chromebook?

Chrome OS is an operating system (OS) designed by Google. The OS is based on a free and open-source Linux Kernel Chromium OS, but the Chrome OS itself is closed-source. It uses Google chrome web browser and Aura Shell as its principal user interface. Chrome OS primarily runs web applications where its applications and user data reside in the cloud and are available on demand.

Chromebooks are laptops or tablets that run Chrome operating system. They are regular laptop structure and design but with a chrome OS. Their system storage is usually flash which is optimized for fast processing. And Google also provides free 100GB storage space for users.

Why is Chromebook very good?

Chromebook is lighter, runs faster and the battery lasts longer than windows laptop. The Chrome OS is easier to navigate and use. You can find apps in chrome web store – word, excel, PowerPoint, etc., and Google Docs and Sheets does the same things word and excel files do. Your favorite android apps are available in Chrome OS.

If you primarily use Google service, then Chromebook would be sufficiently powerful for you. It lets you take your work offline whenever you want. When not connected to the internet, you can still read and write on Gmail, use your calendar, listen to your music list, watch movies on your laptop, edit photographs, work in Google Docs and Sheets and do many more things.

It’s low maintenance, does not require expensive software, and if you can manage apps on your smartphone you can sufficiently mange your Chromebook. It is best for a mobile device.

It also offers you options in VPN or Remote Desktop connection where you can remotely connect to a stronger Windows PC, if you have need for that.

Chrome OS has a more secured security structure than windows; it offers multi-layers of security.

Google’s Chrome OS primarily saves your files, application and user settings on your cloud account. This literally saves you money. When your Chromebook crashes or gets stolen, you can just login into any Chrome OS computer and access your data the same way you left it.

Chromebooks are budget friendly. Their prices are moderately cheaper than Windows PCs and Macs.

What to take notes of ?

From reviews obtained from Amazon, Chromebooks are not suitable for high-end productivity requirements such as applications in engineering, architecture, medical research, etcetera, as they currently offer moderate capacity hardware. You can use a remote desktop in this situation.

Not all Chromebooks have touchscreens, so you may need to get used to controlling android apps with a keyboard and touch pad rather than tapping and swiping on a screen.

It doesn’t offer much of storage space on the physical unit, but you can leverage on the cloud storage made available for most of your Google apps.

You may need to learn how to connect your printer as it does not offer easy plug and play like windows PC.

If you are a heavy gamer, Chromebooks may not be the ideal system for you. It is fine for simple games.

Final Notes

All operating system platforms and computer hardware capacities have their strengths and weaknesses. Mac users who have been using their macs comfortably with no issues would always love Mac, same with windows. But if your computing work is not that sophisticated or require special windows’ or mac’s application in order to get them done, and you want to get a new laptop, a Chromebook is ideal for you.

Like a reviewer said on Amazon reviews “If you want a laptop that does all the bread-and-butter internet and office work, get a Chromebook. If someone needs a safer machine, give them a Chromebook. If you need a flexible system that can juggle android, Linux, the web and a bit of Windows, get a Chromebook.”

It is about which device meets your needs and not about popular or more sophisticated device. For me, simplicity is genius. A device that meets both your personal and business productivity needs is better.

You can check out different Chromebook laptops here.

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Article written by Ifeanyi Okey

Ifeanyi creates content that help individuals develop their tech skills and be more resourceful and productive in their businesses. He's a web Designer and a WordPress Technical Expert.

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  1. Nancee Reply

    Wow,nice to read an article from you.Only if i knew about this a year ago,i actually owned a chromebook.I was unable to install Ms office,perhaps I gave it to a wrong guy to fix.He told me I couldn’t use the application on the chromebook.what do i know,i had to give it out.
    Good Evening and keep staying safe.

    • Ifeanyi Okey Reply

      Obviously the guy did not know much about Chromebook. You can install Microsoft Word and Excel on Chromebook through Chrome’s Web store if you do not wish to use google Docs and Sheets. Chromebook is a nice PC.
      I’m staying safe. Do stay safe too. Thanks.

  2. KPOTUBA.COM Reply

    Well said!
    From all indications Chromebook is a higher version of android smartphones made easy and it’s the way forward right now.
    I have a challenge; the storage poses a great one. My humble submission. Overall, I think I like it! Is it compatible with graphics and architectural designs?

    • Ifeanyi Okey Reply

      Chromebook runs on Chrome operating system (OS). Some graphics and architectural software may not be compatible with Chrome OS. So, you may have to check with the software requirement to know if you can use them on Chromebook.

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