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COVID 19, Moving On

If you’ve been able to get by so far amidst the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic, you’re doing great. If no one applauds your resilience, I do. We were taken unawares. That’s how nature works though. Earthquakes, thunderstorm and other natural disasters occur without giving people heads up. Throughout history occurrences as this have been happening. It’s meant to serve its purpose, whatever it is.

Anyways, the total shutdown will soon be over and everybody will pickup themselves and head out to do whatsoever they want.

Importantly, this total shutdown of businesses and corporations and transportation, with people locked inside their homes for weeks and asked to observe social distancing, a complete lockdown, is a RESET to me. This appears more like a nature’s way of restarting the system, to try and make a malfunctioning program work as it should or way of upgrading a firmware to make the whole program perform seamlessly.

Whatever it is nature has just done, I believe it’s for a meaningful purpose. Something that will benefit nature, and since humanity is part of nature, it definitely will benefit humanity.
As humans, we may not be in control of what may have happened, but we are in control of what we do with what has occurred.
Time everyone reflects on their game plans; checking what was important and what was not, what they could’ve focused on and what they shouldn’t have focused on.

The natural RESET has occurred. The fanfare may be organized by whoever wants, but it’s here.
Just like every new tournament, it starts as soon as the former ends, so the NEW has begun.
It becomes YOUR NEW if you want.

You know what good teams do first at the end of a tournament? They become honest with themselves.

Ask yourself questions to understand:

What your true goals in life are.
What your mission on this earth is.
How you can succeed in areas of your strength.
How you can gain total happiness in your life.

Take your time and give yourself an honest answer.

Sometimes we’re taken aback so we can reflect on our paths and make corrections in places we need to.

Money is important, with it we can accomplish great things, but we shouldn’t all be driven ONLY by it.

I believe if we all are in tune with our true selves, doing what we love and providing services in our core natural spaces we will all live a fulfilled life.

Wishing everyone the best.

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Article written by Ifeanyi Okey

Ifeanyi creates content that help individuals develop their tech skills and be more resourceful and productive in their businesses. He's a web Designer and a WordPress Technical Expert.

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