Easy Upgrades to Boost Your Home-Office Productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it, especially how we work. Social distancing guidelines forced many businesses to turn to a remote workforce, and after seeing the benefits, many companies are allowing folks to continue to perform their job duties from home. While this arrangement may be convenient, it can sometimes be tough to stay productive when you’re not working in an office setting. To help you out, here are some great, easy and cost effective upgrades you can make today to increase your productivity and improve your home overall.

Proper Organization

When you work in the office, you have all of your files in the right drawers and a file room to keep your work in check, so do the same at home. Invest in a file cabinet or put a paper organizer on the wall. Not only will a system of this sort allow you to find what you need, but an organization can also keep you from becoming overly stressed, and you don’t need that when you have deadlines to meet.

In addition to physical storage, also consider your digital workspace. Use apps such as Google Docs and Sheets to keep all of your files in one place. This online storage will also ensure that your paperwork is safe if your computer ever breaks down. There are also many smartphone organizational apps that can help to keep you in check.

Another great idea to stay organized and make your space more office-like is installing a large whiteboard on the wall. This is a place to jot down all of your upcoming tasks and cross them off when they are complete, which can be incredibly satisfying. A large desk calendar can also help in this regard.

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Stress-Free Additions

When you are working from home, you want to create a space that puts you at ease and eliminates stress so you can do your best work. To help, think about upgrading the paint in your workroom with colors that have been shown to reduce anxiety. For instance, green and white are associated with a decrease in stress responses, while blue is also known for its calming properties.

Home office improvement
Stress reducing colors for your home-office

Along with the paint, consider placing some indoor plants around your workspace. Plants have also been connected with stress relief because of the vivid green color and also because we associate green with nature, and plants give us that connection to the natural world that is hard-wired in our brains. Both real and fake plants can provide these benefits.

When you are thinking about making updates to your workspace, think not only about how you will be more productive now but also how particular updates will improve the value of your home if you decide to sell. For instance, many buyers are looking into energy-efficient lighting, so consider switching your light bulbs to LEDs which will help to see your work better and will last longer too. Buyers also like high-quality windows, which will provide vivid, natural light that will save money on electricity during the day. 

If you make major upgrades, keep records of the work you do, including before and after photos so you can show buyers the time and money that was put into these upgrades.

Proper Furniture

It is also a smart idea to think about the furniture in your space and how upgrades can improve productivity and help you stay comfortable during long workdays. For example, if your current office chair doesn’t provide the support you need, then consider a new model with lumbar support that enables you to sit up straight and prevents slouching, which reduces back pain.

This may also be the time to consider a standing desk. This is a great option, as standing improves blood circulation which sends nutrients and oxygen to the brain so you can think more clearly. Also, standing helps keep your energy levels stable so you don’t feel as exhausted so early in the day. 

As you can see, there are many ways to improve your workspace to boost productivity and feel better after a long workday. Try a few of these steps, see how you feel, and then tweak from there until you have created the perfect at-home work environment.

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Article written by Cherie Mclaughlin

Cherie Mclaughlin has been creating and growing couch-based businesses since her couch was in a dorm room. Through both success and failure, she knows that all it takes to be successful is a willingness to go into it with the understanding that it’s a learn as you go process, and the boldness to step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot.

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