How to find your computer IP address

How to Find the IP Address of Your Computer

You must know the IP address of your PC when you’re setting up a network, a system on the network, or when you want to monitor a device or devices on your network. IP addresses are like the residence addresses of different computer devices.

There are 2 types of IP address:

Local IP address

Your local IP address is the IP address on your Local Area Network (LAN). This is the IP address setting your devices use to communicate with each other even while there’s no internet connection. It is issued by your network router.

Public IP address

Your public IP address is the IP address issued to your device by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is the IP address that appears to the public when your device connects to the internet. To find your public IP address go to Google and type “what is my ip”.

Finding your PC’s local IP address on a Windows Computer

Method 1

The fastest way to find the local IP address of your Windows computer is to type cmd on the search bar of your Windows task pane and select Command Prompt app.

Finding IP address through command prompt

While the cursor is blinking in the command prompt, type ipconfig and hit Enter. This will display the IP configuration of your PC. Under Ethernet adapter or Wireless LAN adapter Wifi depending on whether you are connected via cable or wireless, IPv4 Address will display your PC’s IP address in numbers and decimals similar to the format – 192.168.x.x.

Method 2

On a boot-up Windows pc, go to Settings – Network & Internet.

Under Advanced network settings, select Network and Sharing Centre.

Under View your active networks click on Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on how you’re connected.

Viewing and configuring network IP settings

Wifi or Ethernet status box would display. Click on Details to find the IP address.

Furthermore, to edit your IP address through this method, on the Wi-Fi or Ethernet Status box, click on Properties on the bottom. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select Use the following IP address to input your correct IP address settings.

Method 3

Another way to view and change your PC’s IP address in Windows 10, click on the network status icon on the right corner of the taskbar. (image).

Managing network settings

Then on the connected WiFi network select Properties. Scroll down on the opened network page to the IP Settings to view the PC’s IP address. You can also edit the IP address by clicking on Edit. This is applicable when your PC is connected to the network via WiFi.

For a wired connection, click on same network status icon – click on Ethernet – then click on Network under Ethernet. Scroll down on the opened page to view the IP address.

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