Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10 & Windows 11 Laptop

Knowing the right touchpad gestures and tricks for windows 10 makes the use of your laptop easy and fun. These touchpad gestures and tricks are much more convenient, save you time and help you get jobs and tasks completed much faster. Many PC users are completely unaware of many of these gestures.

Although I love using my ergonomic mouse to work on my laptop, on so many occasions, I use keyboard shortcuts and touchpad gestures and tricks to get stuff done much faster. These gestures help me relax my hand muscles. They add dynamic movement to my fingers and hand instead of the more static stretched hand and clumsy finger movement I experience when I use a mouse.

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10 Laptop Touchpad gestures and tricks for Windows 10 and Windows 11 that are commonly known.


1. To open a link or select an item or place the cursor on a text area

Tap a finger once on the touchpad.

2. To zoom in or out


Place two fingers on the touchpad and pinch to zoom out or stretch out to zoom in.

3. To Scroll

Place two fingers on the touchpad and slide horizontally or vertically.

4. To show more commands on an object (similar to right-click)

Tap once with two fingers.

5. To Show the desktop

Place three fingers on the touchpad and swipe them towards yourself. When working on your laptop, you’re more likely to open different applications and sometimes you want to go to your desktop to open or view something. Instead of you minimizing all the opened applications one by one, this gesture uses a single movement to get the task done, saving you time.

6. To see all open windows

Place three fingers on the touchpad and swipe them away from you. Same as using the TaskView, this gesture shows all open windows in a cascading format.

7. To switch between open windows

Place three fingers on the touchpad and swipe right or left.

8. Open action center


Action center is where you’ll find app notifications and quick actions. It’s shown on the taskbar with the action center/# icon. To open it, tap four fingers on the touchpad.

9. Open Cortana

Cortana is an interactive AI-powered Windows productivity assistant that helps you stay organized and get things done faster. To open Cortana, tap three fingers on the touchpad.

Here are all the things you can do with Cortana in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

10. Switch virtual desktops

Place four (4) fingers on the touchpad and swipe right or left.


Some of the gestures listed will only work with precision touchpads. To find out if your laptop has one select Start > Settings > Devices > Touchpad. You will see “Your PC has a precision touchpad” on the right page of your laptop as shown below.


To learn how you can enable a precision touchpad on your laptop go here. And if you encounter challenges while installing a touchpad driver, read toward the end of this article to resolve it.

You can change the default settings for touchpad gestures to what is most convenient for you. To change the default touchpad gestures on your Windows 10 laptop, select Start > Settings Devices > Touchpad.

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