Voice Transcription, Top 8 Transcription Services

What is voice transcription?

Voice transcription is the conversion of voice or speech (audio) to text format. It is the diligent conversion of audio and video files by humans or the use of technologically designed intelligent voice recognition apps or software to transcribe inputted audio files into text files. Voice transcription could be done from a pre-recorded voice and video file or from live audio to text conversion.

Voice transcription apps are applications or software that convert human speech into a text file.

Voice Transcription Service, What is it?

Transcription service refers to a commercial service of converting recorded or live speech into text or written content. Whereas transcription is a conversion process, transcription service is the monetization of the process.

Automatic Transcription Service vs. Human Transcription Service

Automatic transcription service refers to the automatic conversion of audio files to text files by use of intelligent apps while Human transcription service is manually done by humans through listening to the audio file and typing or dictating what is heard.

Automatic Transcription Service

An automatic transcription service involves using an application which is equipped with automatic speech recognition to convert speech to a text file. This requires you to upload recorded speech, video or audio file to an app which processes the file and then produce a transcript.

This method of voice transcription is faster; can be completed in a few minutes. It also cost lesser than human-based transcription service. The downside to this method is low transcription accuracy.

Most audio-to-text software transcription services struggle to hit accuracy rates above 80% under any circumstances. Complex audios with multiple speakers and poor sound quality can see this accuracy level drop drastically to as low as 5% on most automatic transcription app services. Although the use of automatic transcription service saves you tons of time and pain, it is required you go through the final result generated by the automatic service to make adequate corrections.

Human Transcription Service

In human transcription service, a transcriptionist manually converts recorded audio or live speech or video to text by listening and typing out the text content. The content is reviewed at the end. This method of transcription has a very high accuracy rate, up to 99% accuracy. It takes a longer time to complete than an automatic transcription service. It also cost much more, especially when the speech involves multiple speakers. Most people who want very high transcription accuracy choose human transcription service.

Regardless of the service you choose, chances are that you will need to correct some parts of your transcript.

How does a Transcription Service Work?

To have your recorded voice, speech or audio/video file transcribed, first, you have to find a transcription service and price that is best suitable for you. You create an account with the service provider, upload your recording, and after the file is processed, you then download your transcript.

Who needs voice transcription service?

Voice transcription services are required to transcribe business meetings, business conferences, voice-recorded medical reports, recorded webinars, journalists, secretaries, academics, legal, busy professionals.

What to look for in voice transcription service

Accuracy: – the most challenging issue with voice transcription services especially the app is its accuracy rate. The first thing you should consider before choosing a voice transcription app is its accuracy rating.

Usefulness: – are the features offered by the app useful to you?

Available language: – is the language you want offered in the app?

Cost: – Is the service within your budget?

Editor:- There are high chances that you may be editing completed transcripts before sharing it. So, an editing tool in the app would make this function highly effective for you.

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Top Voice Transcription Services for Your Business

1. Dragon Professional

Dragon Professional Individual offers excellent voice transcription (speech recognition) and dictation. It provides powerful voice control shortcuts that you can use to issue commands to the software to accomplish your transcription task. For instance, while dictating, you can speak a sentence and say underline certain words, you just spoke”.

Dragon professional uses Deep Learning Technology to learn and adapt to your voice and environmental variations which is important for your dictation. The software helps you personalize your output to a level of accuracy that you want.


Dragon is an automatic transcription that captures thoughts on the go by using a digital voice recorder. You can speak your notes and get live transcription or record voice memos to transcribe later. With Dragon, you can transform a podcast or the voice of a single speaker into written words. Dragon works best with a single speaker live recorded transcription. Dragon is a PC and Mac-based software that requires you to transfer your recorded audio file to the system to generate a written transcript.

Dragon also offers a mobile dictation and transcription app called Dragon Anywhere. The app is compatible with iOS and Android, and you can use it to generate a transcript on the go.

Dragon transcription is fast, simple and has a high accuracy rating.

Note: Dragon is not designed for use with multiple speakers or to transcribe lectures.

2. Transcribe

Transcribe provides automatic speech to text transcription service. It uses a web browser interface to offer its transcription, so it supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Transcribe convert clear audio with minimal background noise to text using its automatic machine transcription system. You can also transcribe your speeches, notes and ideas from your voice to text on the fly through its dictation engine.

With its integrated player and editor, you can transcribe manually a recorded auto to text using their do-it-yourself features. Transcribe support many languages.

3. Scribie

Scribe offers both automatic and human transcription services. The service boasts about 99% accuracy on its human-based transcription and 60% – 90% accuracy on its automatic service transcription, at the time of writing this post. And of course, the major determinant factor about accuracy is dependent on the quality of audio accent submitted.

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4. Rev

Rev is an online transcription service that converts your audio and video files to text files. It provides both human and automatic transcription services. Rev provides interactive tools that allow you to review, edit, and annotate transcripts alongside the audio. You can share and export transcribed files in a format you prefer.

Rev’s automatic speech-to-text service boasts of providing an accuracy of 80% with a turnaround time of 5 minutes at $0.25 per minutes. It accepts audio and video recordings in MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, AAC, and WAV. It also accepts links to streaming video and audio files available on the web.

Completed transcripts can be downloaded as Microsoft Word, plain text, PDF, SubRip, and WebVTT file formats.

Rev’s speech recognition engine only transcribes English audio and video files in their automated service.

5. Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me offers to deliver a customised transcription service that can meet specifications such as specialized formatting and recurring delivery schedules.

To ensure confidentiality of your content, Transcribeme segment your audio and video content into small sections, which are assigned separately in their transcriber’s workflow. They are HIPAA – compliant and their services is built on Microsoft Azure Cloud system.

They boast of 1 -3 day delivery with 99% guaranteed accuracy, on their standard human transcription service. Transcribeme offer 3 times the length of your audio file as the turnaround time for their automated transcription service.

Transcribeme offers a limited number of languages, and they accept both single and multi-speaker transcription services. Completed transcripts are delivered in Microsoft Word, PDF, and HTML formats. You can also choose to have it in NVio formatted transcript. They accept different media formats.

Transcribeme is available in iOS and Android.

6. GoTranscript

GoTranscript offers human-based transcription service. They offer up to 55 languages, and their turnaround time starts from 6 hrs. They offer $0.72 per minute for 5-day turnaround time. They boast of 99% transcription accuracy which they ensure through a methodological split and transcribe workflow.

GoTranscript offer discount for high volume file upload and they offer transcription services in different industries.

7. Temi

Temi provides an automated speech to text transcription service in a simple and fast way. It accepts all audio and video file types. Temi’s transcription editor lets you edit your transcript in minutes, and you can review your transcript with timestamps and speakers.

Temi accepts audio with little background noise, clear multi-speaker and minimal accent. Transcript accuracy depends on audio quality.

At the time of writing this post, Temi offers a free trial of one transcript under 45 minutes, with access to all features. It offers a turnaround time of between 5 -10minutes. Supports only the English language. Its iOS and android app allow you to record on the go and turn your audio into a transcript in minutes.

Prices start from $0.25 per minutes.

8. Transcription Panda

Transcription Panda is relatively new to transcription business; launched in 2016. They offer only human transcription service and they’re based in the US.

Transcription Panda accepts all audio and video file formats and also link to your audio web pages such as Youtube or Vimeo. They offer 2 business day turnaround for their transcription service. They also have expedited delivery package.

Their final draft provides a high-quality transcript. It is 100% human-based, involves multiple quality checks and they target 98% – 100% transcription accuracy. They charge $0,95 per audio minute.

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